The Band




Tim Reardon
Lead Vocals / Guitar / Keyboards

Longtime member of The Young’uns, Tim’s love for music and entertaining has endured for decades. The Forty Foot Fred band allows him to step out in a new direction musically. Tim’s versatility and ability to adapt is a critical component to the bands sound. “I look forward to bringing a fresh sound to the scene, it has been a lot of fun playing with these guys!”




Josh Evans
Bass/Background Vocals

Josh is a high energy, exciting musician to watch. Aside from his exceptional bass playing, he brings a level of performance to the stage that electrifies the band. Josh played alongside Steve in Redfish and with Tim in Orio, so the fit into FFF has been very smooth. Josh is looking forward to bringing a new perspective into the band making it sound unlike The Young’uns, Orio or Redfish!




Steve Butler
Drums / Vocals

Steve is a veteran musician known for being the drummer of recording act Redfish for over a decade. Because both Josh and Steve have such a long playing history in Redfish, it has been an easy transition into FFF. Focusing on groove, Steve and Josh know how to lock in to create a tight and polished rhythm section.